After vaccination, can stress affect the immune or the nervous system? How to deal with it?

01 Jun, 2021 | 09:08

Stress if excessive is known to decrease immunity overall and not specifically against COVID 19 alone. It is important therefore to follow a daily routine with four components- work, play and leisure, some social and family interaction which are supportive, rest. Try and balance all these components rather than focusing on one aspect only. Many a times when you are stressed it maybe due to HALT- Hunger, Anger, Loneliness, Tiredness. So if you are getting stressed try and label it, identify it, try to understand what the main cause of worrying is, specify it so that it becomes less overwhelming.
For eg- the stress maybe because you have a family member admitted with COVID 19. Try and see that you are not always thinking only about that and be aware that if you are too stressed, you will become less effective. Instead, make a list of things you have to do, try do some chores, spend time with a child or a pet or talking to a friend or relative, water a plant. All these things while appearing mundane, will help you calm down which is required when you have to handle a crisis.

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