Because of lockdown and isolation many have found themselves to be extremely lonely in the past year, especially those who live alone. How can they keep their spirits high and not feel alone ?

01 Jun, 2021 | 09:20

Loneliness is being considered the new pandemic. What can you do to feel less isolated?

  1. Trying to stay connected and allocating time to stay in touch with family and friends including online group activities.
  2. Having a routine.
  3. Indulging in some daily rituals – like spending time in your balcony with plants, trying to learn a new skill, using your time to organise things at home- your paper, accounts, clothes.
  4. Finding ways of helping and supporting others – like within your circle or a volunteer group.
  5. Having a clear boundary between work and home especially if you are working from home.
  6. Move a lot. Get up every 20 minutes from a position and move around, stretch and walk a little even within the house.
  7. At the end of each day write down three things that you were able to do- not just work but anything that you did for yourself or others.
  8. Maintain a diary – either writing or audio where you jot down your thoughts and ideas.
  9. Keep a balance between bad and good news. Don’t avoid keeping up with the current situation, at the same time also pay attention to the happier things. Humour is a good way of forgetting all the problems for just a while.
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