How can one mend relationships during lockdown/ post lockdown?

23 Jun, 2021 | 07:24

A couple of factors – seeing too much of each other, not having a structured routine, inability to step out for relaxation and being cooped-up with work, domestic chores, uncertainty about future etc—have led to relationship issues. This has manifested in the form of heated arguments, interference, nagging behaviour, hostile comments, passing judgements among couples. Here are a few ways you can mend your broken friendship/ relationship with your partner.

  • Be in harmony with your own self first, then you will be in harmony with your partner. Drop your ‘me attitude’ and adopt a ‘we attitude’.
  • Respect the four pillars of a relationship: Communication, Trust, Empathy and Respect
  • Prioritise your needs by keeping a flexible schedule, juggling between family time and work time
  • Ensure responsibilities between partners are shared. Multi-tasking by just one partner often drains the person out and lowers his/her threshold. Hence, there should be a rational division of roles and responsibilities of running the household.
  • During lockdown, there is an increase in substance abuse, be it alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. This is a form of maladaptive coping mechanism and should be addressed through building motivation to quit and seeking psychiatric advice.
  • Keep your body language positive while communicating with partner and do not indulge in stonewalling.
  • Couple yoga is a good way to bring in positive vibes and filling the vacuum in a relationship.
  • If one of the partners, however, is showing signs of personality disorder, abusive behaviour, substance abuse, projecting suicidal thoughts, obsessive-compulsive signs, significant changes in behaviour, mood, appetite or sleep, then consult a psychiatrist for timely recognition, rectification and treatment.
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