How do you interpret hope to a man who has lost his near and dear ones in a span of two days due to Covid? ~ Titus Anto, Bangalore

02 Jun, 2021 | 14:10

Spiritual knowledge makes it easier to cope with the loss of a loved one. Spiritual awareness begins with understanding one’s true identity — that one is a soul. The soul is the imperishable sentient energy that gives life to the body, which is the physical medium using which the soul thinks, speaks and acts. Death is merely the soul leaving one body to take birth in another.

We come in contact with many people during the course of our life. We have brief interactions with some, and longer ones with others. The love, affection and support we receive from them creates close bonds, and when these are severed by someone’s passing away, we experience grief. But once we recognise the truth that each soul is independent and no one belongs to us forever, we do not get attached to any person. Yet we are able to have respectful, loving relations as we realise that each soul is playing a unique role in the world. When a loved one passes away, instead of creating thoughts of sorrow, we can remember their good qualities, appreciate their contribution to our life, and send them good wishes for their onward journey. If we grieve, we send vibrations of sorrow to the departed soul and disturb their peace. We must remember that we have a permanent companion and friend in God, the Father of all souls. The Supreme Soul is our eternal source of love and support. Developing a relationship with God, by regularly remembering Him, fills us with His love and peace, frees us from dependence on human supports, and makes us strong enough to guide others to connect with Him and be liberated from all sorrow.

Rajyogi B K Brijmohan, Chief Spokesman of Brahma Kumaris Organization

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