How should organisations deal with the current situation and embrace people back to normal?

23 Jun, 2021 | 07:23
  • The two-year stressful period and unprecedented change has had an impact on people’s minds, far more than what meets the eye. Many people have lost their loved ones and hence, organisations must give employees time to heal and allow at least a partial closure of the tragedy, until they feel fit enough to resume charge.
  • Give people some time to accept the fact that a lot has changed in the past two years—be it in employment status, salaries, peer bonding etc. Hence, realistic goals and targets should be set, keeping in mind what the employee is going through in his personal life.
  • When employees get vaccinated, firms should facilitate a smooth transition from ‘work from home’ to resuming normal office by giving them options such as taking up WFH for three days a week initially and then, gradually moving to 6-days office. In fact, a hybrid environment is the way forward.
  • Psychological counselling is a must for those employees who have just recovered from Covid and are facing post-Covid fatigue.
  • Facilitate team bonding exercises to heal the overworked staff, motivate the ones facing brain fog and calm the cantankerous employees.
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