How to be happy and sustain that happiness, more so when the atmosphere is not conducive? ~ Yudhishtra Rakhija, Kanpur

02 Jun, 2021 | 14:08

Happiness, which is conditional, may be dependent on external circumstances or a beloved being whom you want to be with. It is all relative, as for somebody bothered with scorching heat in the summer, swimming or a boat ride may become a reason to be happy while sumptuous food may make gluttons gleeful. Then people derive happiness from wearing fragrances, high-end luxury clothing, and so on. In a way, I have covered all the five indulgences a human being wishes to have by the virtue of five sense organs.

Now, given the current scenario of imposed lockdown, your freedom to be delightful in the usual ways has got curtailed. So, when there is no way to go outside, the only way to go is inside! However, if you are bereft of an enriching experience of being with yourself, if you keep seeking the company of others, then you will find it hard to understand this. 

Be more focussed on yourself and less bothered about the whereabouts of others. This is what makes a spiritual person distinct from others. He is aware of his mind and witnesses it with aloofness. Being a witness is epitomized by the philosophy of Sankhya too. You do not have to make an effort to be a witness, you are one already. You are the absolute reality. You are Brahmn! When you are aware of your reality, where is the need to seek joy from others?

Also, know that no worldly object or pleasure accompanies you when you enter that most blissful state called deep sleep. It gives you a glimpse of what true state of meditation is like. When you start meditating, the mind will slowly turn inward and you will realise that being with your true self can give you everlasting happiness, without being dependent on situations around you. Besides, you can also turn self-sufficient by channelizing your creative energies for various art forms.

Anandmurti Gurumaa, founder of Rishi Chaitanya Ashram, Sonepat

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