I am a teacher. I come across many students and I always want to be around them. Unfortunately, the pandemic doesn’t allow me to be the best companion to them. I have been under lockdown for 15 days. After being isolated I came into the cave of negativity. Whatever I read, whatever I watch on television doesn’t make me feel better. Mental sickness has colonised my brain and the impact of my negativity comes on my family. Please guide me in overcoming this unprecedented sickness ~ Anonymous

02 Jun, 2021 | 14:16

It seems like you have been having a very tough time. It’s clear that you care for your students a lot. I would like to start by affirming that you are not sick. The pandemic has been a lot for us all — struggling does not mean that you are ill. It means that you are a normal human being responding to these very difficult circumstances. Negativity is an understandable response to all this isolation, helplessness, worry, change. If connecting with your students and other people has helped in the past, I wonder if connecting with others who are feeling the way you do will help? There are many support groups and listening circles being offered at subsidised/no cost. Finding a community and people with similar experiences can be healing. It may also be helpful to connect with a professional.

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