I lost my husband very recently to Covid-19 and it has been shocking, stressful and extremely sad. I have two kids, aged 11 and 6, who I have to bring up. I am suffering from anxiety. I have fears of how to bring up my kids and how to manage the rest of my life. Running around for paperwork and the inability to meet parents during this time is making it worse. Please help ~ Anonymous

02 Jun, 2021 | 14:18

I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I can imagine how distraught you and your children must be. I am at a loss for words and any advice would seem shallow, yet here it is. It is important to grieve. Of course the ‘practical’ aspects that need to be taken care of may not allow you the space for sorrow. Would you have any relative or friend who could assist in the paperwork? Is it possible for you to delegate? At this time, physical contact with the kids is important. Tactile connect soothes. Cuddling, hugging, holding them are ways that facilitate oxytocin. It is a hormone that calms and reduces our stress response. Allow yourself to cry whenever you feel like it. Don’t hold back or control. Do not believe that you have to be ‘strong’ for your kids and not display emotions. In fact, crying together can be therapeutic. Take care.

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