If oxygen levels drop, and a patient is feeling breathless but is unable to reach a hospital or get cylinders, in what other ways can oxygen intake be increased?

05 Jun, 2021 | 07:11

Once a person is diagnosed with Covid, it is crucial to monitor O2 level once in 4hrs, & also do a 6minute walk test to see the possible chances of O2 drop. If SpO2 level is below 95% on room air, one should be alert & reach out for medical services and start right medicine as per your physician’s advice ( at times inhaled steroids or oral steroids ) along with other medicines. 

Apart from this, lying in PRONE-POSITION (see graphic) has shown to improve oxygen levels at initial stages. This position has been medically proven to improve breathing comfort and oxygenation in patients with low oxygen. This is because it helps keep the alveolar units open.

Dr. Supritha K M, Spandana Health Care, North Bengaluru

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