It has been a year since I met my friends. My dad won’t let me step out of the house, because of the stupid virus spreading again! I’ve already promised to stay safe, with the mask etc but still, my parents won’t trust me and allow me to go out. It is very annoying to sit at home and attend online classes in your very first year of college and just chat virtually with classmates. This is driving me crazy. How can I explain to my parents that it’s okay to meet friends with precautions? I am stressed as I only binge on shows for company. I am desperate to step out and meet people ~ Anonymous

02 Jun, 2021 | 14:21

I can understand how hard it must be to have your freedom taken away from you. I have noticed that people of your dad’s age are more fearful, perhaps due to them being more vulnerable to catching the disease or it could be his personality to worry a lot. One thing to try is to not talk to him when he is already defensive, because by then the person has mentally shut down and is not open to change. Find softer moments and windows of opportunities and talk about something he can take, for example, can a friend visit you in the house with a mask and sanitise afterwards? This way you’re working with his rigidity than against it. Always comfort and validate him before asking for something bigger than what you have asked previously. Another option would be to opt for family counselling as I feel that this must be affecting other areas of life, even before Covid, and the lockdown is just bringing it to the surface.

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