Psychological rehab methods that should be employed for Covid patients and those suffering from post-Covid complications. Even general people are also suffering from loneliness during the pandemic. What needs to be done?

30 Jul, 2021 | 09:43

The suffering of the survivors of Covid is not only related to the traumatic events; rather, the subsequent life events and sufferings in the post Covid life cause higher emotional problems if an adequate, community-based, psychosocial care approach is not adapted. Individuals are not in any real sense autonomous or self-sufficient, their loneliness during the pandemic is real and healing occurs in the context of family, friends, and community.
Rehabilitation introduced the notion of a bio-psycho-social medical model, initiatives need to integrate psycho social care as an essential part of the overall care and rehabilitation. Those who receive a spectrum of care including health care, psychosocial, livelihood, educational, developmental activities would have less emotional reactions, better functionality and quality of life. Effective rehabilitation methods for persons who survived Covid and those suffering from post Covid social and other traumatic events including loss of loved ones to being children who were separated from the parent due to quarantine and their complications needs to address the problems posed by various potential events.
The post Covid rehabilitation planning continuum is broad in scope and must address collaboration across agencies and organizations, advance preparations, as well as needs assessments, event management, recovery and rebuilding efforts.
It is important to facilitate understanding of the meaning of personal and community losses and also to ensure adjustment and acceptance of change. To ensure this, working with individuals/families, facilitating support groups in the community, development of community-based organizations, community solidarity, and many other interventions are crucial. Failure to provide these services definitely will show higher distress, disabilities, and lack of social well-being. Local community support in coordination with Government functionaries need to reach each every families by providing with appropriate services. It is very important to focus on population than individuals to create a supportive and a resilient community.

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