Tips to corporates facing a burnout and relationship breakdowns.

23 Jun, 2021 | 07:18
  • Invest in the people: Human beings make mistakes during stress. Health and socio-emotional needs have to take precedence in a time like this.
  • Corporates could give rotatory day offs/ reduce timings or alter timings for WFH practises to accommodate the needs of working parents, or those with elderly parents to look after.
  • Maintaining a sense of collective and belonging is essential.
  • Starting forums like “listening circles” or “chat with someone when you are feeling alone”, helplines to call when quarantined or isolated, are all helpful to prevent and alleviate the exhaustion that is prevalent right now.
  • The recognition that this exhaustion is not just about work but about the increased thinking and planning required to stay calm, that the needs of a household and therefore the requirements of presence and effort to nurture themselves and other members within a family has completely changed. If we can help each other acknowledge and provide for this need, burnouts can be mitigated. Resources within communities, when synergised are immense and are the way forward.
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